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ZHEJIANG JIAXIN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD       Zhejiang Expertise Import & Export Co., Ltd is subsidiary of Zhejiang Jiaxin Development company Ltd . which was established in May 2009 .Our specialty is the export trade of commodities such as umbrellas, wall clocks and bags, etc. Our products are very popular in America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.YINS BRAZIL is our biggest customer .       Our company owns a high-caliber trade team, with specialized knowledge, rich experience, enthusiastic attitude and devoted spirit. By taking the most use of international network of YIN’SGroup and the special advantage of being closed to Beilun port, we use the lowest cost with fast speed and superb knowledge, to provide overall value-added service and high...

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Trolley case



Fold Umbrella

Orange Umbrella, Flower Umbrella, Yellow Flower Umbrella, Black curved handle umbrella, Black Umbrella, Lace umbrella, Green Flower Pattern Umbrella, Light-Colored Floral Pattern Umbrella, Black Folding Umbrella, Purple Umbrella, Blue Lace Umbrella, Flower Pattern Umbrella, White Flower Umbrella, Floral Pattern Lace Umbrella, White Green Floral Umbrella, Gradient Umbrella, Color Gradient Umbrella, Color Point Umbrella, Point Umbrella, Point Lace Umbrella, Color Lace Umbrella, Black Fold Umbrella, Auto-Open 2 Sections Umbrella, Auto Open 3 Sections Black Umbrella, 21"x8k,Auto Open 2 Sections Black Umbrella, Solid Rain Umbrella, Pink Bottle umbrella, Brown Double-Umbrella, Koshiro Pattern Umbrella, Ladies Rain Umbrella, Colored Umbrella, Light Green Umbrella, Black Fold Umbrella with Handle Box, Plaid Umbrella, Purple Umbrella Edge Waves, Block UV Umbrella, Lace Umbrella, Pink Umbrella, Wine Red Umbrella, Umbrella, Super Mini Umbrella, Gray Folding Umbrella, Mini Fold Umbrella, Auto open and close 3 folding umbrella, Retro Elegant Umbrella, Auto open umbrella, Super mini umbrella, Auto open and close umbrella, Green Umbrella with Three Folding, Umbrella, Butterfly Umbrella, Black Umbrella with J Plastic Handle, Purple Lace Umbrella, Point Umbrella, Super Mini Black Umbrella, Mini Green Umbrella, Transparent Fold Umbrella, Mini Point Umbrella, Big size folding umbrella, Auto-Open Black Folding Umbrella, Manual Open Purple Umbrella, Silver Umbrella, Rubber Painting Umbrella, Fashionable Fold Umbrella, Ladies Umbrella, Ladies Rain Umbrella, Rain Umbrella, Red Rain Umbrella, Folding Rain Umbrella, Totes Umbrella, Folding Umbrella, Auto open and close 3 folding umbrella, 2 section golf umbrella, Auto open 2 sections umbrella, Auto open & close, windproof three folding umbrella, Auto Open Wooden Handle Umbrella, 7K Black Coating Fabric Fold Umbrella, 5 Folding Super Mini Umbrella, 3 Folding Manual Open Umbrella, Flower Fold Umbrella With Sphericity Handle, Polyester with POE Folding Umbrella, 3 Section Umbrella, Aluminium Alloy Folding Umbrella, Aluminium Alloy 3 Folding Umbrella, 5 Folding Super Mini Umbrella, Flower pattern folding umbrella, Big size grid folding umbrella, leopard folding umbrella, auto open & close folding umbrella,

Straight Umbrella

Rain Straight Umbrella, Black Manual Open Straight Umbrella, 75cm*8K Lattice Stick Umbrella, 75cm*8K Stick Umbrella, 75cm*8K Manual Open Stick Umbrella, 55cm*16K Auto Open Straight Umbrella, Flower Pattern Straight Umbrella, 55cm*16K Straight Umbrella, Lattice Straight Umbrella, Best Straight Umbrella Supplier in China, Mens' 16k Black Umbrella, Mens' Cool Straight Umbrella, Mens' Black Umbrella, Large Ladies Rain Umbrella, Colorful Rain Umbrella Supplier, Colorful Straight Umbrella with J Handle, Mens' Black Straight Umbrella, Black Umbrella Supplier in China, 24K Manual Open Wooden straight Umbrella, Monroe Straight Umbrella, 12K Black Straight Umbrella, Straight Umbrella With Eight Angle, Ladies' Straight Rain Umbrella, Automatic Open Stripe Straight Umbrella, Best 8K Straight Umbrella, Plastic Straight Umbrella with J handle, Ladies' Straight Umbrella, Black Straight Rain Umbrella, Windproof Umbrella, Best quality umbrella, outdoor umbrella manufacturers, Blue straight umbrella, Best straight umbrella, Good quality umbrella, Best straight umbrella, Umbrella, auto open straight Umbrella, sun umbrella, sun umbrella, sun umbrella, Umbrella, promotion umbrella, Umbrella, Umbrella, auto open umbrella, straight umbrella, manual open straight umbrella, Umbrella, 70cm*8k auto open straight umbrella, Umbrella, 70cm*8k high quality straight umbrella, promotion straight umbrella, promotion umbrella, Auto open straight umbrella EVA handle, 24K Rainbow umbrella, Colorful straight umbrella, Colorful rainbow umbrella, 10K Auto Open Straight Umbrella, 10 Panels Straight Umbrella, 10 Pieces Flower Straight Umbrella, Double Layer Sky Umbrella, Diamond Umbrella, Clamp Umbrella, Rainbow Umbrella, Auto Open Lovers Umbrella, Double Layer Straight Umbrella, Double Layer Aluminium Umbrella, Pagoda Umbrella, Double Layer Square Umbrella, Rainbow Umbrella, Color changing umbrella, EVA umbrella, Wooden umbrella, Flower floating umbrella, round dot POE umbrella,

Gift Umbrella

Blue Gift Umbrella, China Gift Bottle Umbrella, Popular Rose Bottle Umbrella, Beautiful Vase Bottle Umbrella, Fashion Bottle Umbrella, Heart Umbrella, Aluminum Frame Perfume Bottle Umbrella, Aluminum Frame Water Bottle Umbrella, Popular Rose Bottle Umbrella, Beautiful Rose Umbrella, Fashion Vase Umbrella, Zinc Coated Shaft 3 Sections Bottle Umbrella, Fashionable Perfume Bottle Umbrella, Fashion Perfume Bottle Umbrella, Popular Perfume Bottle Umbrella, Beautiful Gift Umbrellas, Water Bottle ABS Plastic Umbrella, Fashionable Water Bottle Umbrella, 21*6k 5 Sections Water Bottle Umbrella, Popular Water Bottle Umbrella, Water Bottle Umbrella, gift umbrella, 21*6k 3 Sections Bottle Umbrella, China Gift 3 Sections Umbrella, Promotional Umbrella, China Gift Umbrella, Wine Bottle Umbrella, Light Pink Rose Umbrella, 21*6k 3 Sections Rose Umbrella, 3 Sections ABS Plastic Vase Umbrella, 3 Sections Zinc Coated Shaft Vase Umbrella, ABS Plastic Vase Umbrella, Zinc Coated Shaft Vase Umbrella, 21*8k 3 Sections Vase Umbrella, Vase Umbrella, Perfume Bottle Umbrella, 19"*6k 5 Sections Aluminum Frame Perfume Bottle Umbrella, 19*6k 5 Sections Perfume ABS Plastic Bottle Umbrella, 19*6k 5 Sections Perfume Bottle Umbrella, Water Bottle Umbrella, Lipstick Umbrella, 20*6k White Lipstick Umbrella, 20*6k Steel Coated Black Lipstick Umbrella, Fruit Doll Bottle Umbrella, Gift Umbrella, Promotion Japanese girl Umbrella, Fragrance Umbrella, 19*6k 5 Sections Fragrance Umbrella, Newest Bottle Umbrella, Gift Umbrella, 19*6k Rose Umbrella, gift Umbrella, Japanese Girl Umbrella( promotional umbrella), Vase Umbrella(for advertising promotion), Hat umbrella,

LED Umbrella

umbrella with colorful shining led light, Double layer fabric LED umbrella, Auto open flashlight umbrella, led umbrellas, china LED umbrella, red LED umbrella, red umbrella with LED llight, Kids LED umbrella, auto open & close three folding torch umbrella,

Garden Umbrella

Side Post Square Garden Umbrella, Square Garden Umbrella, Hexagon Garden Umbrella, Octagon Garden Umbrella, Double Layer Round Garden Umbrella, Round Garden Umbrella,

Golf Umbrella

Large Blue Golf Umbrella, Grid Gof Umbrella, Grey Golf Umbrella, Parasol, Black Windproof Umbrella, Mens golf umbrella, Grid golf Umbrella, 2 Folding Golf Umbrella, Auto open 2 sections golf umbrella, Golf Umbrella, Best Quality Golf Umbrella, Black Golf Rain Umbrella, Colourful 24K Chinese Golf Umbrella, Lover umbrella, Large size black golf umbrella, Best quality golf umbrella, White fibreglass golf umbrella, Double layer windproof golf umbrella, China red outdoor umbrella, auto open golf umbrella, golf umbrella, Windproof golf umbrella, Colorful Double Layer Windproof Golf Umbrella, Double canopy windproof golf umbrella, Colorful golf umbrella, Double layer windproof golf umbrella,

Kids Umbrella

Children Umbrella, Kids Umbrella, Double Layer 50cm*8k Auto Open Kids Umbrella, 50cm*8k Auto Open Double Layer Kids Umbrella, 45cm*8k Auto Open Kids Umbrella, 45cm*8k Auto Open Children Umbrella, Pink Cartoon Kids Umbrella, Cartoon Kids Umbrella, Color Kids Umbrella, Kids umbrella,

Beach Umbrella

beach umbrella, beach umbrellas, colourful beach umbrella, colourful beach umbrellas, outdorr umbrella, outdoor umbrella, beach umbrella,

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